Pliqo folds your suits up smaller than a newspaper

Carry-on convenience for your best blazers
10 May 2017 / 22:47MYT

When you’re pretending to be important, the last thing you want is a creased suit - especially if you’re travelling on a plane. Problem is, traditional suit bags are bulkier than a bundle of blankets. Not Pliqo (from £100, RM565): this Kickstarter Tardis of formal fashion can comfortably carry your finest blazers, while folding down smaller than a broadsheet paper (you know, the proper, grown-up ones). An in-built folding hanger combines with a clever origami construction to collapse into a cabin-friendly 39cm by 30 cm, which can be packed into your case or carried as a second satchel. Its leather-trimmed polyester exterior should keep your threads suitably safe, too.