Knomo’s Barbican sleeve is a touch of leather luxury for your laptop

Hand-crafted niceness for your shiny MacBook
10 June 2017 / 9:26MYT

Few things can deliver luxury in just 13 inches. Vertu’s Signature Touch does it in 5.2 - but it also charges upwards of RM40,000 for the privilege. For a less expensive (but just as touchy-feely pleasing) dose of premium, pack your Mac in this svelte sleeve from serial case-makers Knomo. Hewn with love from full-grain leather, the Barbican Leather Sleeve (£79, approx RM430) is lined with faux-fur to keep your precious MacBook Air (or equivalent Ultrabook) safe and snug - and, like every Knomo product, it’s fitted with a unique code to help locate it if you come over all forgetful while living the high life.