The Eviation Alice is a battery powered air taxi that’ll fly for miles

UberJet, anyone?
24 June 2017 / 0:36MYT

Skipping congestion today means hopping on your bike and hoping that no-one’s parked in the cycle lane. Give it a few years, though, and we’ll all be schlepping to work in 9-seater aeroplanes - much like the Eviation Alice concept. With a 600-mile range it won’t get you to Berlin and back - but it will drop at the local aerodrome in a jiffy. Powered by a trio of propellers which take their juice from a 980 kWh lithium cell, it’ll fly a whole football team (provided two of them are pilots) at 10,000 feet - though its unpressurised cabin means you won’t want to go any higher.