Dive into action with Finnisterre's surf knife

No apologies for the puns you're about to sea
01 July 2017 / 4:18MYT

Life going swimmingly? Knife collection up to scratch? Perhaps it was 5 minutes ago - but there’s no telling when things will turn dull. Stay sharp with the Mission diving pocket knives from Finisterre (£95, RM530). Beautifully crafted with marine-inspired engravings on each side of the knife, it’s been released as a limited edition (125 blades in each colour) and comes in an equally pretty tin, with the knife's individual number engraved at the base, so you know you're part of a special club. For surfing sorts, there’s a folding multi-tool, too, for quick fixes between swells. Whittle today, carve tomorrow, treasure forever.