Who likes cables, anyway? Corsair's wireless desktop set ditches 'em

Cord-free keyboard and mouse combo will de-clutter your desk
09 January 2018 / 18:07MYT

It’s no good having the reactions of a hummingbird if you’re constantly getting your gaming mouse caught up in its USB cord. Now that latency isn’t really a problem any more, it’s time to ditch cables for good. Corsair’s Dark Core SE mouse (£70, RM380) arrives with an optional wireless charging pad (£60, RM325), so you never have to switch back to wired mode in order to refuel. It uses the Qi standard, so you can give your smartphone a top-up, too. And while you’re cutting cords, you might as well give the keyboard cable the chop, too. The K63 wireless gaming keyboard keeps gamer must-haves like blue LED backlighting and Cherry MX Red key switches, only over Bluetooth instead of USB. It’s on sale right now for around £80 (RM435).