SteelSeries’ Arctis 3 Bluetooth headset should be on every Switch owner’s Christmas list

A solution to an annoying problem
08 November 2017 / 3:21MYT

There are absolutely loads of great gaming headsets out there, but the latest offering from SteelSeries boasts a neat feature that makes it stand out from the wireless crowd. When using the Arctis 3 (£134.99, RM755) you’ll be able to hear audio from Bluetooth sources and wired connections at the same time. This is handy for any gamer: you can take a call through your phone without missing any important cutscenes, or listen to your own music while retaining in-game audio. For Switch owners, though, it’s a particularly tempting proposition, as voice chat in online multiplayer currently relies on connecting to a separate app, such as Nintendo's own or a third-party option like Discord. With a pair of these cans, you’re able to simultaneously chat to to your mates and enjoy the joyous ink-splatting sound effects of Splatoon 2 without any faff.

They don't currently ship to Malaysia but stick around for news of when it gets here.