Ring-Con and Leg-Strap are Nintendo Switch accessories for powering up your fitness

Fit for action
13 September 2019 / 15:19MYT

If you thought some of the Nintendo Wii fitness accessories were ridiculous, wait until you clap eyes on the Ring Fit Adventure trailer. It features presenters with worryingly wide smiles demonstrating the Ring-Con and Leg-Strap that's meant to be available this 18 October. These house your Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, after which point you partake in an epic adventure by way of sickening exercise rather than prodding buttons from a sedentary position. As an evil body-building dragon threatens to throw the world into chaos, you move forwards by jogging on the spot, squeeze your Ring-Con to blast air, and squat and squeeze during one-on-one bouts with cartoon foes. It comes across a bit like Temple Run with periodic boss battles, as reimagined by someone who thinks you should stop lazing around on the sofa when playing games. Fortunately, if you are a bit lazy, you can at least calibrate your Ring-Con, so you don’t have to squeeze so hard, you layabout weakling, you.