OJO is a dedicated portable projector for the Nintendo Switch

Massive Mario
25 October 2017 / 0:37MYT

Make no mistake: we absolutely adore the Nintendo Switch for allowing us to suck Mario Kart 8 Deluxe out of the TV screen and take it on the road. But while we love a lunchtime Grand Prix in the office as much as the next shell-hoarding drifter, that 6.2in screen can feel a little cramped. That's where this accessory comes in. Launching today on Indiegogo (from $269, RM1140), OJO is billed as the world’s first micro-projector for the Switch. Just place your device in the dock and it promises to beam a 30-120in display onto the wall with 200 lovely lumens of brightness. Other devices can be attached via HDMI or Lightning Cable, and it’s good for four hours before a recharge. The hybrid console just ate a Big Mushroom.