Cassette boys and SID fanatics rejoice: The C64 Mini will bring back Commodore’s classic computer

8 bits of power
04 October 2017 / 17:12MYT

Tiny Nintendo consoles are all very well, but for a true hit of nostalgia, you really want a dinky 8-bit computer, with keys and a joystick. Just as well, then, that The C64 Mini is on the way in early 2018. The pint-sized C64 will cost 70 quid, has HDMI out, two USB ports, and comes with the spit of a classic Competition Pro joystick. Most importantly, it’s packed with – suitably – 64 games, including bone-a-fide classics Impossible Mission, Paradroid, Speedball II, Spindizzy and Uridium. You can even plug in a keyboard for a fuller experience – although to be truly realistic, it should take 15 minutes for a selected game to appear, after first sending you mad with flickering bars and hideous loading noises.