Merc’s fresh-faced CLS isn’t just leaner and meaner - it’s smarter, too

The original four-door coupe grows up
01 December 2017 / 4:20MYT

With its extra-wide front grille and low-slung headlights, the 2019 CLS is Merc’s slickest four-door coupe yet - but the real improvements are under the skin. This third-gen model gets a lot of its tech from the more expensive E-Class, including Distronic smart cruise control that’ll safely stop you if you suddenly keel over at the wheel. A custom, colour-changing interior lighting system should keep you from nodding off on long journeys, too. Not that the 3.0-litre inline six will be sending you to sleep, mind, in either rear or all-wheel drive. It’s paired with a 48v electrical system, complete with combination starter and generator that can give acceleration a boost from a standing start, and let you coast with the engine off at highway speeds. Everything is up to Merc’s usual high standard inside the cabin, but things won’t be as unique as previous-get models - the twin 12.3in screens could have been ripped right out of an E-Class. Order books open in December, with deliveries starting in March. Prices should start from £57,000 (about RM315,000).

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