This smart hot shoe assistant helps you take better pictures

Wireless control and HDR stitching for hands-off snapping
10 June 2017 / 9:27MYT

Talk to a certain sort of photographer and they’ll tell you that the beauty of their art lies in the tinkering, the composition, the finer details of setting up a stunning shot. Arsenal, a $150 (approx RM820) Kickstarter hot-shoe assistant that’s surpassed its funding goal more than 20 times over, disagrees. While old-school snappers are busy fiddling with their rings, this clever puck is wirelessly chatting to your smartphone to deliver in-camera HDR stitching, focus-stacking and long-exposure control, for low-light images to blow your lens off. It’ll do easy timelapses, too, and plays nicely with Canon, Nikon, Sony and Fuji gear. Feeling extra lazy? Arsenal will even suggest settings based on your situation.