Lomo’Instant Square does exactly what it says on the tin

It’s all square for Lomo’s latest insta-snapper
31 August 2017 / 4:24MYT

With its zany attitude to photography, being a bit square isn’t something you’d usually criticise Lomo of - but that’s exactly what its new camera is. The Lomo’Instant Square is the first instant camera anywhere on earth (and probably beyond) to produce Instax pictures with four equal sides. Its foldable, bellows-style design is reminiscent of vintage cameras such as Polaroid’s original Land Camera but it also has a new advanced automatic mode and smart focusing system. The trademark Lomo craziness is still present and correct, with no limit to multiple exposures and a bulb mode to allow long exposure shots. If you hurry you can get one for US$149 (RM640) by backing it on Kickstarter, after which the price will rise to US$199 (RM850).