Leica’s new TL2 is one seriously speedy mirrorless snapper

1/40,000s shutter speeds to catch Bolt sweating
11 July 2017 / 2:21MYT

Taking pictures of quick things generally requires speedy machinery. You know, like the Leica TL - a 16MP camera capable of mechanical shutter speeds up to 1/4000s. Leica, though, has now decided that it likes things even faster. Like, 1/40,000s fast. That’s enough, in theory, to photograph a speeding bullet - and it’s exactly what the new TL2 (£1700, RM9415 body-only) can do with its electronically controlled shutter. Prefer slow-mo in motion? Besides 4K at 30fps, it’ll do HD footage at 120fps, alongside a continuous stills shooting rate of 20fps. Normal snaps will look darn fine, too, thanks to a new 24MP CMOS sensor.