Keep your footage buttery smooth with the all-in-one Removu K1

07 October 2017 / 2:52MYT

Stabilisation in action cams is improving all the time, but those who care about shake-free highlight reels are conditioned to reach for their trusty gimbals. Removu’s K1 (from $299, RM1270) merges the two into one compact device. Currently doing the business on Indiegogo, the 4K 30fps cam is kitted with a self-stabilising 3-axis gimbal and features four shooting modes. And before you ask, yep, one of them is Selfie. Can’t have those getting the wobbles. There’s a custom designed F2.8 wide angle lens to make sure everything is in shot, and for audio you have either the built-in mic or a 3.5mm jack to connect to an external. All in all, then, a pretty comprehensive package that will remove some of the bulk from your backpack.