Blizzard's Warcraft mahjong set lets you 'game' with relatives this CNY

Try not to lose all your angpao money to Grandma while playing with this
20 January 2017 / 12:01MYT

Blizzard made a mahjong set? For real?Yes, for real. The company first came up with a special edition mahjong set to commemorate its Mists of Pandaria expansion and appeal to its (still huge) China playerbase. It was so well-received that Blizzard decided it would start selling a regular World of Warcraft (WOW) mahjong set.

Who is it for, really?It's for WOW fans, obviously. But those of Chinese descent used to having a mahjong set around the house will probably get a kick out of it. It's the next best thing to playing WOW with relatives and hey, there's even money involved. We personally think mahjong is just a sneaky way for adults to win back the angpao they gave out to the younger generation.  

What makes it special, then?It comes in a really nice wooden box with all the regular tokens, dice and mahjong pieces but with the extra bit of WOW illustrations on the inside and the WOW logo emblazoned on the outside. It's rather well-made and even if you don't play mahjong it makes a pretty great collectible and is very much display-worthy. 

Great. So how do I get one to impress the relatives this Chinese New Year?You can just order one from the Blizzard website. It's US$250 (RM1110), not including shipping. Sounds a bit pricey but we're betting this will be very eBay-worthy in future. 

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