These Audio Technica headphones look great, sound even better

Special edition 'phones get an upgrade in style and performance
12 August 2017 / 5:49MYT

We’ve done the research - the key to unadulterated gadget nirvana is tech that looks as good as it performs. And would you take a look at these classy cans? The special edition ATH-MSR7SE have had a lick of paint from the original black version, and sport a navy aluminium finish with gold accents that are subtle rather than showy. The brown leather headband and earcups are comfier than before too, so should keep your ears cushioned for the ride. As for the sound, it’s been suitably smartened up to match, improving on its highly regarded original setup to offer less distortion and better detail. They’ll be available in October for £299 (approx RM1670).