There's something for everyone with Dynaudio's Music wireless speakers

Some double as TV-friendly soundbars, others are perfectly portable
29 September 2017 / 4:20MYT

Dynaudio doesn’t mess around when it comes to kitting your house out with sound - the new Music range should cover every eventuality. The Music 1 and Music 3 are portable, battery-powered units that you can carry round the house. Get a pair and you can run ‘em in stereo too. They look the same from both sides, with geometric shapes and fabric covers sourced straight from Dynaudio’s native Denmark that’ll look as sharp on your kitchen counter as it does on the living room coffee table. The Music 5 and Music 7, meanwhile, are speakers of the more stationary variety, but they still have a few party tricks: you can wall-mount them, or hook one up to your TV and turn it into a soundbar. Each system has a ‘room adapt’ mode that’ll tweak the sound to match its environment, too. The whole series will be going on sale later this year, with prices starting at £300 (RM1705) and climbing up to £1000 (RM5685).