Revo’s SuperTone is an all-in-one wireless speaker with a retro aesthetic

Hey handsome
31 January 2018 / 0:40MYT

After a big box of audio tricks that might catch the eye of your Grandad? Look no further than Revo’s SuperTone, a premium Bluetooth speaker (and more) that is, in the words of its maker, ‘for grown ups’. The mid-century-inspired walnut and aluminium finish houses an 80W Class-D amplifier, twin 3.5” flat-panel speakers and a 6” ported subwoofer. That room-filling 2.1 setup can be kicked into action through Bluetooth streaming, but you’ve also got numerous physical connectors, including a 3.5mm headphone jack, RCA-in, optical-in, and an AUX port. The icing on the cake? A USB port for charging your phone while you play DJ. Pick one up now for £449.95 (RM2485).