Korg’s Prologue synthesizer is a feature-packed flagship that lets you create your own effects

We just can’t get enough
20 January 2018 / 6:28MYT

Tablet-based synthesizers are more than adequate for honing your only slightly off-tempo Depeche Mode tribute act, but the purists will tell you that nothing comes close to the real thing. Prologue, a new polyphonic analogue synth from Korg, is definitely the real thing. In comes in 8-voice (49-key) and 16-voice (61-key) variants, with full-size keys on each. Both models feature three different sound engines, DSP effects, the ability to play two different programs at once, and four voice modes: Poly, Mono, Unison or Chord. If that isn’t enough audio flexibility for you, the Prologue also lets users load in their own custom oscillators and effects to 16 free slots. Eventually, you’ll be able to share your own programs with the Korg community. Pre-orders are now live for the Prologue-8 ($1,499/RM5905) and the Prologue-16 ($1,999/RM7875).