Fender’s amp and app combo makes your smartphone a shred sweetener

Tweak your tone from your phone
08 May 2017 / 19:01MYT

What’s the rockstar lifestyle without roadies? You know, those touring bods who twiddle the knobs while you get to wear leather pants and wrap a cold flannel about your neck. Thing is, roadies only come with success. For pre-fame rockers there’s Fender’s Tone app. Paired with one of the new Mustang GT series amps (the company’s first to carry Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, from £195, RM1100), the app lets you load up sound presets from thousands of artists, technicians and, well, just about anyone with a guitar. You can make your own, too - and there’s even the option for a full set-list of settings, if you can’t afford a mid-gig guitar switch.