Damson’s HeadSpace headphones will make your journey 70% quieter

XD noise-cancelling for hiss-free listening
28 June 2017 / 0:09MYT

For a fair wee while, Bose had the run of noise cancelling cans. Ask frequent flyers a decade ago and it was always the marque’s hushed ‘phones that were the objects of desire. Now, though, there’s an aluminium rival on the horizon: Damson’s HeadSpace (€139, RM675) headphones do the noise cancelling thing with aplomb, eliminating 70% of background noise - without the dreaded hiss. Using crossover definition tech, the folding ‘phones banish both outside sounds and the white noise often associated with active noise cancelling kit. And, with a 16-hour battery life, these Yorkshire-designed over-ears should do plenty to help you find your own headspace.