Audio-Technica's new Bluetooth headphones are ready for your sweat

These fitness-minded buds can handle your hardest workout – and then be washed under the tap
11 January 2018 / 23:29MYT

Looking for a new pair of fitness headphones that will not only stay firmly lodged in your ears during a hard, heavy workout, but also withstand the deluge of sweat that pours out of you all the while? Audio-Technica has a suggestion: the new ATH-SPORT70BT and ATH-SPORT50BT are Bluetooth wireless earbuds that hook onto ears, with a neckband connecting them and an IPX5 water-resistant finish for good measure. That means they'll not only hold up against sweat and rain, but can also be washed off in running tap water when you're finished. The SPORT70BT also has an ambient hear-through mode for hearing the outside world with a tap, and it'll sell for £119 (RM645) this spring. The cheaper ATH-SPORT50BT (shown) comes in brighter colours and ditches the hear-through option – but will be just £69 (RM375).