The Aqua+ wireless headphone amp turns your smartphone hi-fi

Better sounding music, just as convenient
11 August 2017 / 11:17MYT

High-res music, CD-quality streaming services, the vinyl revival… it’s almost like that dodgy MP3 era of music never really happened. But while good quality music is having something of a comeback in the public consciousness, convenience means most of us will still listen to the majority of our music on a portable device. The Aqua+ wireless headphone amp knows that only too well, and is out to help you make the most of your music on-the-go. Just connect your phone to the Aqua+ via Bluetooth and hook the Aqua+ up to your headphones - this pint-sized device will then pass all your music through its ultra-high-res chipset to get it sounding how it should. Currently costing US$99 (approx RM425), the Aqua+ just launched on Kickstarter, almost tripling its goal in the first 24 hours. Audiophiles assemble.