Monument Valley 2 is out now - and you'll love it

The sequel to the 2014 puzzle classic looks amazing
06 June 2017 / 7:11MYT

We hesistate to call anything a 'classic' app. Mainly because the term makes us feel positively ancient, but also because so few downloads are deserving of it. When it comes to Monument Valley, that mind-bending puzzler deserves all the rapturous praise it still receives. Those M. C. Escher-style labyrinth. That weird dunce hat you walked around with. The time you turned into bird. What a game, friends. What we'd give for a few more jaunts round its dizzying delights. Well, luckily enough a Monument Valley 2 has just been unleashed as part of WWDC 2017 and it looks very much like more of what we so loved about that first app. At just RM19.90 for what could well be another tour de force from ustwo games, you really can't say fairer.