This 360-degree mobile game makes you the Doctor

Hop aboard the TARDIS for timey-wimey zoominess
17 May 2017 / 21:47MYT

Steering with your smartphone isn’t a new concept for mobile games. Steering the TARDIS through an infinite, 360-degree vortex, though, is. Throw in some endless runner tropes - including pick-ups and space debris - and you’ve a mind-bending way to channel your inner Doctor (and, possibly, feel a little bit nauseous). The best bit? As it’s an in-browser game there’s nothing to download - so, like the Who ship itself, you’ll still have plenty of space left. Simply head to the website on your mobile and get piloting - no sonic screwdriver required. You’ll need to get a dimension shift on, though, as it’s only around for 6 months.