HONOR View20 Gets A Series of Awards At CES2019

The upcoming flagship smartphone from Huawei is now an award winning smartphone before its official global launch and is set to launch in Malaysia on 26 January 2019
16 January 2019 / 15:40MYT

The full global launch for the HONOR View20 is less than a week away and already the smartphone is gaining a lot of attention and traction. The HONOR View20 represents the Huawei’s latest entrance into the flagship market, bringing top technical performance and hitting next level design and style.  

The biggest attraction is that the smartphone is equipped with the world’s first high-definition 48MP 3D rear camera, which can scan and recognize real world objects. The AI and 3D modelling algorithm enables a series of useful and interesting applications, from making your body slimmer in photos and videos, to playing motion sensing games and calculating calories in food. 

The smartphone has yet to be officially launched globally, yet the HONOR View20 has already won a total of 10 awards at CES 2019. These include: 

  • Android Central’s “Best of CES 2019” award

  • Android Headlines’ “Best of CES 2019” award

  • Gadget Match’s “Best of CES 2019” award

  • Gear Diary’s “Best of CES 2019” award

  • GeekSpin’s “Best of CES 2019” award

  • Mashable’s “Best Tech of CES 2019” award

  • T3’s “Best Smartphone of CES 2019” award

  • Tech Advisor’s “Best in Show 2019” award

  • TechRadar’s “CES Top Pick 2019” award

  • Trusted Reviews’ “Best of CES 2019” award

Some of the statements regarding why the HONOR View20 deserve this award other than its powerful camera includes its distinctive and visually arresting look, its power and features being a force to be reckoned with, as well as its hole punch display.  

The HONOR View20 will be available in Malaysia on 26 January 2019, with the launch happening in 1 Utama at 9.30am. More details about the HONOR View20 such as the price will only be revealed during the global launch that's set to happen in Paris on 22 January 2019