• First Play: Evolve
  • First Play: Evolve
  • First Play: Evolve

Being named Best of Show at E3 is no small feat, so it was only natural that we had high hopes for this monstrous sci-fi first-person shooter.

On the borderline human side in Evolve, you get to play as one of four classes: Assault, Medic, Trapper, or Support, each with their own role to play in the hunt. And then there's a twist to all of this, you get to play as the monster as well, of which two have been revealed to date - the Goliath and the Kraken.

In the name of science and all that's unholy, we explored both the Jekyll and Hyde sides of the game to give you a better idea of what to expect when the game drops in October.

Hunter Hunted

First Play: Evolve

There’s not (as) much to playing as Hyde, the Assault class - just get close enough to the monster and toast it with your flamethrower. And also, not die before that. Which is considerably harder than you think, given that the map (the Dam) we played was pitted with man-eating plants, that would trap and munch you into mulch. Your goal is to track, trap, and terminate the monster before it becomes too evolved to handle.

The DNA of Left4Dead running through Evolve is pretty evident, especially in your dying moments. The red outline, the lying incapacitated on the floor wriggling for your dear life, unable to do anything while whatever it is slashes away at you. Except when you respawn, you’re not trying to get the attention of a teammate from a locked room, but you fall out of a dropship this time, which is way more credible for whatever badass character you’re playing.

As you switch characters and team up with other people, it creates an infinite number of scenarios that keeps gameplay fresh even though it's essentially the same endgoal every time - kill the monster.

Tough nut to Kraken

First Play: Evolve

If you're more lone wolf than pack leader, playing as the monster in Evolve is much more satisfying. No longer will you have to deal with incompetent teammates, especially in public pickup games. The dynamic is totally different, and rather refreshing.

You first have to evade the hunters long enough to consume requisite amounts of wildlife, evolving and gaining more powerful abilities. Then you can become the predator you were born to be, stalking, ambushing, and destroying enemy players (maniacal laughing optional) in one fell swoop.

We played as the Kraken in this demo, which is a sneakier flying monster that relies on range and stealth. That's opposed to the first demo's Goliath, an in-your-face juggernaut. There'll be three monsters available on launch, and we honestly can't wait to play as all of them.

Melvin Tang contributed to this story.