Garmin Vivosmart 3 App: Sport Science

All the data, hokey or not, ends up in the Garmin Connect app. I think of this as the Excel spreadsheet of fitness tracking software, because it’s pretty boring unless you’re into stats. Really into stats.

Fitbit has a knack for making metrics seem fun, and using them to motivate you. Garmin… not so much.

With a real lightweight fitness band, this is a real turnoff, like buying a book on string theory for your niece who just wanted a My Little Pony plush.

Still, the Vivosmart 3 is an appealing middle ground between a basic tracker and a super-intense “I run ultra marathons for fun” one like the Fenix 5. Garmin Connect is not a fun place to hang around in, but at least it has established places for all the band’s data and can fling charts and graphs your way until your eyes glaze over.

It’s particularly good at charting your progress over weeks, months, even a year. But, to reiterate, it’s not fun. 

The app also lets you make some important changes to the watch. For example, there are several watch faces, eight of them. Some are plain clocks, both analogue and digital.

Others add your step count, the weather or your heart rate. You can also choose whether the display is arranged in portrait or landscape. I prefer the more watch-like portrait mode, but have to admit the landscape view is much less cramped if you use a more stat-packed homescreen.

Don’t want to use the Vivosmart 3 as a watch? You can choose any of the interface pages as the default display, and cut out any pages you don’t need. This doesn’t stop the band from recording any data, but does make the interface easier to flick through. When you first fire it up there’s 11 pages of gumpf, which is a bit of a finger workout by itself.

Stuff says... 

Garmin Vivosmart 3 review

It could be more fun and less fiddly, but the Vivosmart 3 is one of the most useful fitness bands around
Good Stuff 
Good battery life
Plain and simple design
Smartwatch-style notifications
Rich collection of metrics
Bad Stuff 
HR sensor struggles with high-intensity workouts
Not an always-on screen
Fiddly, not-that-responsive interface
Garmin Connect app is dull