Made for the PSVR, Sairento VR is a hi-tech fantasy VR game. Like any action-oriented VR titles, Sairento VR seems to sit on the top of my list as one of the more frantic VR games that might assault players on the senses. The gameplay features a combat system that is designed to be fluid and somewhat satisfying. The game allows players to do a lot of in-game motions, such as slicing, shooting, wall-running including sliding through an immersive version of a futuristic Japan filled with cybernetic ninjas and samurais. The overall setting is a series of vivid visuals and an imaginative vision of future Japan.

In a nutshell, the game starts with you being a member of the Silent One, an organisation of cybernetic ninjas. The Silent Ones were infected by a nano-virus, which then corrupts all the members, which you have to start fighting against in order to find out the truth. Sairento VR features a 10-mission campaign, which doubles as a story vehicle. It is within the very first few hours that you will be given a walkthrough of the gameplay’s combat system.

Sairento VR’s combat requires players to go into the flow of killing enemies and creating combos via each kill. It’s complex and requires practice to master. Basic movement might take a while to learn but it serves as a foundation to subsequent motions and combat actions. Every wall and surface allows you to run and slide on, making movement in the richly designed and immersive environment an enjoyable experience. Killing foes are the main highlight, so you can make use of bullet time to land precise shots and fatal blows. Combat is immersively fun but hard to master.

The gameplay also offers players a wide inventory of weapons, suchs as handguns, katana, rifles, shotguns, shurikens, bow and arrows and more, where you can even dual-wield to your own liking. With that, players can customise their loadouts before each mission in order to tackle specific encounters, which may require a certain set of weaponry. The variety of weapon combinations keeps the gameplay fresh for players as it provides many ways and approach to deal with the enemies. Dual-wield similar guns for ranged decimation or mix and match interesting blades to invoke the satisfaction of slicing your way through hordes of enemies in style.  

Once you complete a campaign, you can access countless missions and challenges that provides a set of objectives such as killing off all enemies, and survival modes to see how long you could last. The more you play, the more you’d unlock a myriad of stuff such as new abilities, buffs and enhancements for weapons and armour.

I would recommend new players to start the game in normal mode to get a feel of everything and get into practicing the movements and combat foundations. The highest difficulty is called the Shinobi level, which requires a high-level of master of every mechanic. However, the mode rewards players with the best items and experience points. For those with peers who also own the PSVR, Sairento VR has multiplayer modes such as cooperative PVE and PVP.

Final Verdict

Sairento VR is an enjoyable VR game that has a very immersive and satisfying combat gameplay experience. The visuals are striking but beautiful and the controls are quite intuitive as well. While it could be complex for beginners, the many gameplay modes and unlockable abilities and relics, makes it a worthwhile game to purchase, as it may last you quite a while. Finally, the key is to continue practicing to master the way of a cybernetic ninja.

Stuff says... 

Sairento VR review

Sairento VR is an exhilarating, stylish power fantasy set against a vision of near-future Japan, awash with neon and teaming with cybernetic ninjas. Thanks to the game’s intricate and fluid combat system, Sairento VR offers one of PSVR’s most thrilling and essential gameplay experiences to date.
Good Stuff 
A finely tuned combat system that makes for exhilarating gameplay experience.
Intuitive controls that utilize PSVR’s full potential.
A wealth of varied content.
A deep progression system that incentivises continued play.
Stylish art design.
Bad Stuff 
There is a steep learning curve to the combat mechanics.
VR acrobatics may induce motion sickness for those prone to it.