Battle cars

Don't think that this is just the same Micro Machines with pimped up graphics though. Codemasters has added a brand new Battle Mode.

Instead of taking place on race courses, you occupy circular Battle Arenas that range from a garden to the plastic stadium of a Hungry Hippos. These arenas host new game modes including King of the Hill, Capture the Flag and Bomb Battle. All of these modes will be familiar to anyone who’s played a few online multiplayer games, but it’s exciting to see them being introduced to Micro Machines.

Rather than all 12 vehicles having access to every item like in Race and Elimination, Battle Mode sees each vehicle with their own unique power-up. This means that you need to consider a lot more than handling, speed and weight when picking your ride.

While the tank is the obvious choice since it can fire missiles, it can easily be out-maneuvered, leaving it vulnerable to attack from behind. But if your ally has a Fire Truck that shoots foam to slow the enemy down, then you have the perfect partnership. These modes are all about teamwork, so you’ll want your team to have a set of vehicles that compliment each other. To be so tactically in-depth is surprising, but will ensure competitive people are kept entertained without excluding newcomers. 

There are even more crazy power-ups too, such as being able to deploy a laser-shootin’ droid or a devouring black hole. With such chaos, there’s a lot of fun to be had in these modes. You could decide to play them just for fun, or once you reach level 10, you can compete in ranked matches online to climb the Micro Machines’ leaderboard. Who doesn’t want to be the king of plastic car carnage?

Micro Machines World Series Initial verdict

Codemasters has done a great job of reviving the classic game of cherished childhood memories, but at the same time, ensured that there’s enough additional multiplayer content to prevent the series from stalling.

Despite being able to play against the computer, this is a multiplayer game at heart. There’s not much content to entertain you when you’re on your own, as blowing up an AI just isn’t as satisfying as destroying your friend, but the RM159 price point reflects this.

And besides, there aren't many multiplaye couch games these days, especially if you don’t own a Switch and crave some Mario Kart-esque action. Factor in the nostalgic value and you have a game that will unite the older and younger generation for hours of multiplayer mayhem. You just have to wait until 23 June for it to all kick off.