Dead Rising 4 is a bloody marvel.

In my first few hours, it gleefully told me I'd managed to snuff out the (after)lives of more than 750 zombies, spilling 1,800 litres of blood across Willamette's polished town floors in the process. 

It's no coincidence these gruesome statistics regularly flash up onscreen: this is a game that constantly reminds you of the carnage you're causing.

Capcom isn’t looking to trigger any pangs of guilt, though. This is a theme park of annihilation, where you're just as likely to pierce your foe's skull with the start from the top of a Christmas tree as by gunning them down with an assault rifle.

A deep and dark attempt at survival horror in the Resident Evil mould? Jog on, Grandad - Frank West ain't got time for that.


The freelance photo-journalist extraordinaire (he's covered wars, don't you know?) takes the lead once more, returning to the zombie-infested town of Willamette, Colorado expose another conspiracy - and get very, very bloody.

It's Christmas, y'see - and blood just looks that little bit redder on fresh white snow.

A faster-spreading, more deadly version of the zombie virus, created from experiments on human test subjects might sound pretty dark, but Dead Rising 4 is really an attempt to hark back to the original, now decade-old, game.

So yeah, rather than spectate from the sidelines, cataloguing the outbreak for the purposes a “great story”, Frank is almost immediately slaying zombies with lawnmowers, fire extinguishers and anything else you can get your hands on, as carving a bloody, dismembered path through the city’s brand new shopping mall.

These vast open world sections, where clearing a path through the masses of zombies to reach your next goal is left largely to your discretion, give way to more linear sectors focused on investigation.

There are also bases and safe zones, which typically have to be cleared of the undead before they can be inhabited. They'll keep you free from zombie-related death, and let you buy items or equipment for more efficient carnage.

From the food you regularly need to snack on in order to survive out in the wild, to a change of outfit to make the whole affair a little more stylish, it's all out there for the taking.

After all, what's a little looting when the world's going to hell in a handbasket?



Frank's still got a job to do, mind. Your camera comes in handy when unearthing hidden story clues, but also earns experience points by snapping the crudest most crass shots of blood and gore out on the battlefield.

The more action-packed the shot, the bigger your total, with snaps featuring hacked-up bodies of the dead, or fights between any survivors and the spectres out for their blood being the most sought after.

Nothing shows off Dead Rising 4's fine balance between horror and hilarity than whipping Frank’s camera out in the middle of a brawl, and watching as he casually takes a selfie with a ghoul attempting to sink its teeth into his neck.

Frank is a constant font of frivolity in the middle of Dead Rising 4‘s festival of flesh, cracking off one liners and, if you so choose, darting around in nothing more than his boxers in the middle of the mayhem.

Feel like running amok as the blood of your victims drips down Frank's chest hair? You got it.

You're not in a rush any more, either, so you can take your time and experiment. Long-standing Dead Rising fans might miss the original game's punishing timer system, but it definitely makes things less stressful for series newcomers.

Stuff says... 

Dead Rising 4 review

Zombie-shredding carnage, turned up to 11 - but there's nothing here series fans won't have seen before.
Good Stuff 
No holds barred, gruesome action
Engaging story
Huge variety of weapons
Bad Stuff 
Too similar to previous installments
Controls too hectic in the heat of the battle
More variety would be nice