Your favourite smartphone camera - revealed

You voted in your thousands; here are the results

As anyone with a passing interest in politics will tell you, democracy simply doesn't work. We decided not to worry about that though and let you, the people, decide which smartphone takes the best photos.

How did we do this? Well, last month we published a blind test featuring photos shot with seven of the best current smartphones: the Apple iPhone 6siPhone 6s PlusSamsung Galaxy S7HTC 10LG G5, OnePlus 3 and Huawei P9We then invited you to vote for your favourite image in either categories: landscape, HDR, macro, low light, flash, selfie, colour and detail.

And vote you did - in your thousands. In fact we had nearly 10,000 votes in total. So thanks for that.

Scroll down to see which phones won in which categories, and which your overall winner is.

Also: huge thanks to Three for the loan of the handsets. Without their help this test would have been rubbish


We started off with a fairly common scenario: a standard landscape in daylight. The presence of water, foliage and sky should have tested the phones' abilities to cope with colour and tone, and there's plenty of detail to be looked at too.

The results were comprehensive: you voted the Apple iPhone 6s the winner is this round by a decent margin: about 34%, with the second-place OnePlus 3 getting just over 20% and the LG G5 garnering 15%.

We can see why - the 6s coped admirably here, exposing both the sky and river beautifully; where some of the other shots, notably the last-place HTC 10 and disappointing Samsung Galaxy S7, look flat, the 6s is punchy without being unrealistic.

We were, however, surprised by one result: while the 6s was a clear winner, the supposedly superior iPhone 6s Plus got only 11% of the vote, and indeed on closer inspection some of the highlights in the Plus' shot are blown out.


HDR is these days a standard feature on all phone cameras, but not all handle it well.

That's certainly borne out by the results here, with the top three phones separated by only a handful of votes but the bottom two getting hardly any. The Samsung Galaxy S7 narrowly took the win, beating the OnePlus 3 and LG G5 with 22.1% to 21.4% and 21.2% respectively. The poor old HTC 10, meanwhile, got just 2.9% of the votes.

Your verdict exactly matches ours here: the Galaxy S7's shot is beautifully exposed and impressively sharp, making for a great overall shot.