You don’t need to be a gamer to enjoy the Razer Phone

What's great for gaming is great for life too

As far as flagships  go, few phones come as decked out as the Razer Phone.

It’s got everything the mobile gaming fanatic would want. A monstrous 8GB RAM and SnapDragon 835 combination lies within for undisputed gaming muscle, bolstered by a never-seen-before 120Hz UltraMotion screen and those glorious front-facing speakers for a truly immersive experience. It’s even got the iconic Razer logo etched into the back, just so everyone knows how serious you are about winning at Mobile Legends.

But the Razer Phone isn’t a great phone just for gamers. What’s good for gaming is often great for everyday use and productivity too, which is why it's got so much more to offer beyond games. Read on as we showcase the phone's coolest features built with gaming in mind, and how these make life better too for non-gamers.

Throwback design

The Razer Phone isn’t built like the brand's gaming mice that are crafted ergonomically to suit the needs of gamers, but there’s plenty to love about the phone’s design, gamer or not.

Its blocky looks are a refreshing throwback to good old days of angular lines and almost reminiscent of a Sony Ericsson device. So if 2017’s tsunami of bezel-less designs isn’t quite your thing, the Razer Phone might have the masculinity you were desiring. 

The front-facing speakers are pretty wide too, and double as space for your palms to rest on while you’re holding your phone. This is great news for gamers or hardcore Whatsappers, who can get a better grip while their fingers dance across the screen. The Razer Phone’s matte finish is also fantastically fingerprint resistant. And while it’s alarmingly slippery, at least you’ll never crack it. Take that, bezel-less, glass-backed phones.

120Hz UltraMotion Screen

The Razer Phone’s 120Hz screen is one of those things that you’ll only understand when you experience it for yourself. While pretty much every other flagship has screen refresh rates of 60Hz - meaning frames refresh 60 times a second - the Razer Phone completely smashes these boundaries, refreshing at twice that rate. It’s unheard of on a mobile phone.

For gaming, this means animations play out as smooth as they get. Character animations are almost fluid. This first caught my attention in the character selection screen of Mobile Legends, where Rafaela was flipping around, as characters do on menus. Her movement was sinuous and liquid – it’s not something you buy a phone for, but boy, the difference. I haven’t even started the match yet. 

And what does it mean for non-gamers?

120Hz means your videos are as frictionless as they come. The Razer Phone may only have a 1400p QHD screen, but the ultra-smooth frame rate makes up for its lack of crystal-clear definition like on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, or Sony Xperia XZ Premium. Images move with shocking fluidity – you may even take a while to get used to how it looks.

More significantly, it's the little things that truly feel different. Imagine the joy of simply scrolling through Instagram or the app drawer without any jerky refresh stops. The screen is just so responsive, with absolutely zero lag. OK, so that's not a reason enough to change your phone for, but the effect is hard to shake off once you’ve experienced it.