WTFriday: Crows remember when you offend them and will hunt you down

Mess with a crow? You know nothing, Jon Snow
WTFriday: Crows remember when you offend them and they will hunt you down

We already know that crows are incredibly smart creatures - we've seen one solve an intricate 8-step puzzle - but did you know they hold grudges too?

Bet you didn’t know their memories rival that of an extremely vengeful ex. Researchers in Seattle trapped and banded crows, and realised that those crows would recognise their faces and dive bomb them upon sight. But that’s not all - they also found that the crows that were attacking them were not the ones they’d originally captured.

That means the crows were sharing information about who did them wrong. And that memory? It sticks around for five years. Yes, it’s probably even better than yours. Watch the video to see how determined they can be, and then imagine that determination applied to hunting you down.

Is it a coincidence that a group of them is called a murder? We think not. Offend them at your own risk. 

Source: NYTimes