WTF is... HTC Liquid Surface?

Why should I want it?

If you don't like being just another iFace in the iCrowd, or are sick of seeing everyone carrying the same Samsung, picking up a Liquid Surface phone is a sure-fire way of standout out.

The colour choices are a whole lot more exciting than gunmetal grey, black or white, and they'll look different at different times of the day, depending on lightning. What's not to like?

That mirror finish is instantly eye-catching, if a bit of a fingerprint magnet, and being made from hardened glass, shouldn't scratch like a metal phone might. So it'll stay looking neater for longer, too.

Isn't is just going to shatter if I drop it?

HTC is using Corning's Gorilla Glass on the front, and its own combination on the back, and both are built to withstand scratches and scrapes.

They are still glass, though, so any strong impact will probably leave you looking at a cracked phone.

So yeah, try not to drop it.