Work and play with these 5 apps that gamify productivity

Make a game out of work and be an efficient machine

If it’s true that there’s an app for anything, is there an app for changing your behaviour? Apps are partly responsible for some bad behaviours, including procrastinationand a lot of wasted man hours, but they can sometimes be a force for good.

Organisations are increasingly realising that gamification can help people develop positive habits, like reading, exercising and general laziness. Duolingo and Khan Academy are two out of dozens that combine learning and gaming: the more you learn, the more you earn. (Points, that is, never cold hard cash. If any of these sites offered cash, they’d go broke). And when you learn every day, over the course of weeks or months, you are rewarded even further.

Or sometimes the streak is its own reward. Below, you’ll find five apps that turn improving productivity into a game. Some people see games as childish and immature, but if they help make positive change in your life, then why not? What’s the harm? What is there to lose? It’s only a game.

P.S., If you’re looking for a productivity app without the gamification aspects, Lifehacker came up with a spreadsheet comparing 15 of these apps over 108 different parameters. It’s a perfectionist’s wet dream.