Which Sonos should you buy?

From diddy speakers to the new TV-boosting PlayBase, here's every bit of Sonos kit rated

Want to listen to your favourite band in every room of your house? Then there are few better options than a Sonos setup.

Sonos is the grandaddy of multi-room music, but you wouldn't know that to look at its products. There are very few companies who could claim to be as cool and stylish.

And a Sonos system is endlessly expandable, so you can start with one speaker and keep adding until your whole house is rigged to rock. But which speaker should be your first? Or, if you're adding to your collection, what shoud you get next?

We've condensed our reviews of every Sonos device - from the diminutive Play:1 to the TV-boosting PlayBase - to provide you with a one-stop shop for all the info and every rating you could possibly need. Multi-room music nirvana is but a few clicks away.

Tech Specs

Connections: Wi-Fi, ethernet  Wall/stand-mountable: Yes  Dimensions: 16x12x12cm  Weight: 1.85kg

Tech Specs

Connections: Wi-Fi, ethernet  Wall/stand-mountable: Yes  Dimensions: 13x27x16cm  Weight: 2.6kg

Tech Specs

Connections: Wi-Fi, ethernet, line-in  Wall/stand-mountable: No  Dimensions: 20x36x15cm  Weight: 6.36kg