Which iPhone should you buy?

Apple has eight (!) iPhones on the market – let's make your decision easier

Looking for the peak iPhone experience today? Well, the iPhone X is where it's at… but the iPhone 8 Plus is also excellent. And the iPhone 8 is pretty good, too.

But that's just the newest stuff: Apple still sells five other iPhone models from the last couple years, each offering a mostly-similar core experience with some key differences in size, power, camera quality, and other perks. Oh, and price: these super-phones range widely from RM3649 to RM5149 apiece. So yes, you'll want to make an informed decision.

Luckily, we're here to save you some of the hassle. We've reviewed and extensively used all of Apple's current iPhones, and we can point you towards the right device for your wants, needs, and budget too.