Which GoPro should you buy?

Updated 12/12/17: Two Heroes have just seen their prices plummet

In a world where action lurks down every YouTube link, three Heroes just aren’t enough.

No, when every leap, splash, crash and climb (no matter how insignificant or embarrassing) must be recorded in total clarity, a new Hero is needed.

A Hero that will capture every concussion in 4K at 60fps, before automatically editing them into a fame-worthy compilation of pain to share with your burgeoning fanbase. That Hero is the GoPro Hero6 Black.

What if you're not sure about spending £500 on a top-end action snapper, though? While the days of deciphering the differences between Silver and Black might be behind us, the GoPro range can still look bewildering to a novice.

Thankfully, we’ve sifted through the spec sheets to assess just which GoPro will suit your style of shooting – so you can get back to planning your Supermarket Parkour Compilation. We haven’t included the reality-bending GoPro Fusion, mind, as you can’t actually buy it yet.