What's your next console? Xbox One S vs PlayStation 4 Pro vs Project Scorpio

So you already own an Xbox One

The Xbox 360 was a roaring success, but the Xbox One had some stumbles out the gate – and the PS4 took a commanding and ever-growing lead. Fortunately, you've still got lots of great games available… but the case for an upgrade is easier to make in some cases.

Should you upgrade to Xbox One S?

For most people, probably not: the Xbox One S is still essentially an Xbox One, albeit with enhancements that are more for movies and TV shows than games. Support for 4K media, HDR, and upscaled games are great, but unless you've got a high-end TV, your games and media will essentially look and act the same way as before.

Anyone on the bleeding edge might consider selling off their Xbox One and putting the funds towards the Xbox One S, however, as 4K media looks spectacular on a properly equipped TV, and HDR helps games such as Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4 look even more amazing.

Should you upgrade to PlayStation 4 Pro?

Feel like you backed the wrong horse this console generation? Well, the PlayStation 4 Pro is your best chance to course correct, given all of the upgrades within. Not only can you enjoy the current PS4 greats, but you'll also be well equipped to enjoy the next few years of PS4 games at their highest possible quality.

This is especially true if you're excited about virtual reality. The PlayStation VR is out now, and if you grab both that and the Pro, you'll be able to experience immersive VR in your living room, whereas Microsoft probably won't have VR until next year's Project Scorpio. And we don't even know what headset you'll be using (although if we had to take a guess, we'd say the Oculus Rift).

Should you upgrade to Project Scorpio?

If you're an Xbox die-hard, then yes, almost assuredly. Project Scorpio will be the most powerful console ever released when it hits the market late this year, and it will very likely release with a fresh Forza Motorsporta new Halo shooter, and other exclusives. Longtime fans of the green and black won't want to miss out on that.

On the other hand, Project Scorpio is still part of the Xbox One line, and it will still run all the old games - so if you don't want to shell out potentially several hundred pounds to play improved versions of the same games, then your regular 'ol Xbox One might be good enough. We just don't know yet if there will be exclusive Scorpio games that won't run on the old hardware.