Opinion: What users would really like to see in future phones

Erna Mahyuni thinks there are better things than thin bezels

While both Sharp and Xiaomi have proved it's possible to create phones with gorgeous, near bezel-less screens, I'd rather see phones with features I'd actually need.

Taking into account recent events and how much smartphones are evolving, here's my personal wishlist for phones next year.

Temperature sensors

With phones stuffing faster processors and lots more RAM, you would think they'd figure out better cooling solutions. But that is probably trickier to achieve now that smartphones are as powerful as computers and yet are much more smaller.

If smartphone makers don't realise how fast a phone can overheat or know just how long and in what conditions temperatures could get uncomfortable - that's poor QC testing right there. I've used a flagship smartphone that grew too hot while I was using Waze to the point I had to stop navigating with the phone in my hand.

Some manufacturers perhaps want to make any cooling mechanism invisible, quietly adjusting temperatures on the fly. Me, I'd rather my phone just tell me "It's getting hot in here". Or hey, being able to detect surrounding temperature would be great too, honestly.

Better ways to locate your phone

While Apple's Find My iPhone is one of the better apps out there when it comes to locating your missing smartphone, Android's version is fiddly and not as easy to set up.

Though smartwatches can be useful, I don't get why more smartphone manufacturers haven't created add-on chips or smart dongles to attach to, say, your keychain (assuming you can find your keys) and have your phone beep loudly if too far away from said sensor.

Let's face it - with all the things we need to deal with on a daily basis, it's easy to get absent-minded and leave behind our phones.

Native RAW made easier

iOS now supports RAW, as in the DNG variant. Yet you can't use it with the native Camera app and instead have to rely on external apps to use it. I'd like to see RAW on all high-end smartphones and at the very least, have not just native camera apps but basic RAW editing functions built right in.

Not that third-party apps should be excluded, but make them an option and not a requirement to use a feature on the phone.

Modular, customisable cases

While this is a realm where third-party manufacturers usually shine, I don't get why manufacturers can't make better smartphone cases. It's 2016: cases shouldn't be this boring.

Flip covers, ridiculously bulky supposedly-protective covers and simple back covers are so generic. You'd think smartphone makers would be able to make unique, functional cases that would entice customers into spending more money and yet, no, it's all on third-party case makers to get creative with add-ons.

If you can't risk putting more effort into making accessories for your smartphone, you wonder if the manufacturer had any real confidence in the model at all.