This whale carcass is a ticking timebomb

That’s not a blimp, it’s a massive dead whale
This whale carcass is a ticking timebomb

The blue whale, as you should know, is the largest living animal. Well, obviously we're not talking about this particular specimen. 

That isn’t a problem when it’s off swimming in the oceans, but not when you have a dead one washed up on the steps of your town. It isn't just a sad day for the endangered species, it’s also a 54,435kg, 24m-wide explosion waiting to go off in a small Canadian town.

Why? Simple science. All that methane gas build-up from the decomposition process has to go somewhere. Let’s just hope nobody's standing in the vicinity when it happens. Watch video to see why you should definitely steer clear (warning: not for the squeamish).

If you're interested, someone has started a site to keep track of the whale's likelihood of blowing up. Till that happens, it’s doing a great job of being a macabre tourist attraction.

Source: Mashable