We've used iOS 11 - these are our 8 favourite new features

One of the biggest iOS overhauls for years is crammed with great new ideas

WWDC has come and gone, introducing a slew of new MacBooks, iMac desktops and iPads - but it's the software they'll be running on that took centre stage.

iOS 11 is due to arrive later in the year, and while a developer preview is available right now, it's exactly that. Only registered developers can get their hands on it, so they can give feedback on the operating system and make sure their apps will work right out of the gate.

That doesn't mean we didn't get the chance to try it out ahead of time, though. Apple invited us to its London HQ to show off iOS 11 before it drops in Q3 2017, potentially alongside a new phone (or three) in September.

Here's what you've got to look forward to.

1) The new Dock

Swipe up on an iPad running iOS 10, and you’ll see the control centre. But in iOS 11, you get a dock that's much like the one you get on a MacBook.

There's room for a whopping 13 apps in the dock, which resizes to fit as you add more, and leaves room for three more icons that take you to the last three apps you used. 

You can pull it up at any time, whether you're in an app or on the home screen, and some icons even have their own pop-up menus, so you don't need to open 'em to get the files you need.

As the iPad line, particularly the iPad Pro, becomes more and more intended as a desktop replacement, this makes it much easier to let go of your Mac in favour of the iPad.

2) Drag and drop

Remember the first version of iOS, where Cut and Paste wasn’t even included? We’re a long, long way from that now. iOS 11 is getting even better at inter-app operability, so you can long-press on an image or bit of text to drag-and-drop it. Press the Home button with your other hand and you can drop it into a different app.

It works REALLY well - making it very easy to share content you like with other people or clip it for later.

3) The customisable Control Center

Android fans are always banging on to their iOS counterparts about how customisable it is (or they are in this office, at any rate). And OK, traditionally speaking, it’s been much easier to bend Android to your will than iOS.

However, Apple is making concessions to the tweaking crowd with the new customisable Control Center, which is still accessed by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. As before, you get the familiar buttons to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and to lock screen orientation, but you'll also now see buttons to create a new Note, or change text size, among many, many other things.

They work with 3D touch, too, letting you make more changes from the Control Center without having to jump into different Settings screens and away from the apps you're using.