We're reporting live from Apple's 9 September event

Get first dibs on the latest info from Apple's big announcement for the year

The stage is set, and we're the players in Apple's 9 September event. We're going to be in the thick of the action, hearing what Apple has to say and see what it'll unveil *cough*iPhones*cough* as it happens.

On 10 September 1am Malaysia time, Tim Cook will stride on to the stage and announce the Apple iPhone 6s.

Well maybe. What'll really happen is that we'll be treated to a hilarious video about nothing in particular, after which we'll get 20 minutes of gloating from Timmy about how much better Apple is than Google, an hour of figures about Apple Watch sales and finally the announcement of a new Apple TV (which will be almost, but not quite, identical to the last one). Then, after all that, he'll announce the iPhone 6s.

If you want to sit through all that, you can: Apple will be streaming the event live here so you can watch it as it unfolds.

You'll need an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple TV or Mac plus Safari to watch it - or, rather surprisingly, a PC running Windows Microsoft 10 plus its new Edge browser. It won't work on Google Chrome and nor in fact will it work if you've ever a) bought an Android device b) used Google to search for something or c) ever thought about doing a) or b).

Alternatively, you can follow it here with Stuff via our live report below. We'll be at the event in San Francisco and will be reporting as it happens - and rest assured that we'll restrict ourselves to the details you're actually bothered about. Like will the iPhone 6s have a better cameraWhat will Force Touch be like in use? Will we really get an iPad Pro? And what will Craig Federighi's hair be like?

Either way, we can't wait to find out. Ready? All right, here we go!

Additional reporting by Marc McLaren