These wonderfully weird movie food tie-ups will entertain you

James Bond and Del Monte

In case you didn't know, Del Monte has a range of smoothies and as part of its Superfruit Smoothies line, made special edition 'ice lollies' of Daniel Craig.

Apparently Craig had topped a poll of coolest celebrities, thus Del Monte decided that with this he would be "officially immortalised as super smooth and licensed to chill."

The lollies came in pomegranate, blueberry and cranberry flavours and were distributed during the first British National Ice Cream Week.

Star Wars and Quick burgers

The French fast food chain had a special Phantom Menace burger duo, one with blackened patties and another with, err, non-blackened patties.

You either chose between the 'Dark Vador' burger or the 'Jedi Burger' with both featuring mozarella cubes-topped patties.

Fine effort though there is no word if the burgers were better than the actual movie.