These wonderfully weird movie food tie-ups will entertain you

The Hunger Games and Subway

So apparently nothing speaks dystopian future where children are forced into winner-takes-all gladiatorial games than...a Subway sandwich.

Subway, in promoting its sriracha melt in a Super Bowl commercial called its special sauce its "boldest flavour yet" and promoted its "fiery footlongs".

We're not sure why they bothered as reviews say the sandwiches are pretty much the standard Subways...but with sriracha.

Fantastic Four and Dennys

Oh, look, more burgers. This time, the 'Thing' burger set didn't look terrible. With beef, hash browns and an egg, it seemed more like an average run-of-the-mill burger set that didn't look as though it tasted terrible.

The commercial for it however, gets four stars for effort.