These are the 10 most haunted places in Malaysia

You have to be pretty brave or ridiculously silly to go near these creepy locations

Malaysia has had its fair share of trauma, just like any other country. Some of it goes unresolved to this day.

If you're an enthusiastic ghost-hunter, or just a guy who wants to know more about our country's history, here are a few places you'll want to check out.

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10. First World Hotel, Genting Highlands

This resort hotel is said to be haunted by the ghosts of suicide victims who lost everything at the casino. Children cry and refuse to go near parts of the hotel. Healthy guests fall ill for no apparent reason. You can smell incense, which the Chinese believe is food for ghosts.

Some of the 6118 rooms are said to be cursed and the hotel never rents them out to guests, even when the hotel is at full occupancy. The entire 21st floor is said to be cursed, and the elevator always skips that floor, for some reason.

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9. Tambun Inn, Ipoh

This three-storey hotel is located near a Chinese cemetery. Guests report lights switching on and off. They can hear weird noises, whispering or shouting or screaming, but they can never trace the source of the noise. There are even reports of guests going to sleep in their own room and waking up in a completely different room with no recollection of how they got there.

Even non-guests are affected by the hotel's energy. A man reported passing by the hotel one time on his motorbike and he felt his bike getting heavier, as if something had climbed on the back.

[Image source: Unnatural Tales and Ghosts]

8. Ghost Hill, Penang

The British built a fort on top of this hill. During World War II, a crazy Japanese officer is said to have held public beheadings on this site. He is also said to have terrorized the locals. His ghost is said to haunt this hill, which is now a war museum.

But the host of National Geographic Channel's "I Wouldn't Go In There" says that the site is haunted not by ghosts, but history. The museum is a privately owned heritage site where bunkers and weapon nests can be seen to this day. It's like the soldiers forgot to pick everything up when the war ended.

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