Want a Huawei P10 or P10 lite? Here are your telco options

If you'd rather not pay full price for the Huawei P10, here are your options

Yesterday, we had a look at Digi's offers for the Huawei P10 and P10 lite. Good news is that the Huawei phones are available on other telcos as well.


Celcom offers the Huawei P10 with the First Platinum plan (RM150 a month), with the device price for RM1348 and an upfront payment of RM600 that will be rebated the first month.

The phone is also available on the cheaper First Gold Plus plan (RM98 a month) with an RM300 upfront payment as well as a device price of RM1658.

For the P10 lite, the upfront payment is the same for both the First Platinum and First Gold Plus plans, but the device price is RM328 for the First Platinum and RM638 for the First Gold Plus.

The phone prices aren't exactly cheap so unless you think a 24-month Celcom contract is worth signing up for, it might be cheaper in long run to just buy the phone outright.


Maxis gives subscribers two options: either pay a hire purchase Zerolution fee each month or a discounted device price, with a contract of course.

For the Huawei P10, it's RM87 monthly for Zerolution or a discounted RM1599 device price with a MaxisOne contract.

With the Huawei P10 lite, it's not available for Zerolution but instead is available on contract for RM699 with a MaxisOne 98 plan, RM599 with the MaxisOne 128, and RM0.94 with the MaxisOne 158 and 188 plans.

This is the option for you if you're keen on Maxis Zerolution plans and not keen on big upfront payments.

U Mobile

U Mobile offers options of paying a device price with its plans or choosing to signup for one of its UPackage installment plans.

For the Huawei P10, it's RM1099 with the Ultimate Device 130 plan, RM1459 with the Ultimate Device 90 plan and RM1699 with the cheapest Ultimate Device 60 plan.

With the instalment plan, it's RM93 a month with two choices of plan: the Hero P70 and Hero P98 plans.

With the Huawei P10 lite, the device is priced at RM99, RM459, and RM699 for the Ultimate Device 130, 90 and 60 plans respectively. For the instalment plan, it's RM48 a month with the same P70 and P98 plans.


Are there phones worth waiting for?

Seeing as it's only April, there will be more phones coming out soon. But if you've got your heart set on the P10 range, here's what we thought of the Huawei P10.

Also bear in mind the Huawei P10 Plus has yet to be launched here, so think hard about whether you'd rather wait for that instead.