Visit these 5 websites to suss out the coolest events in Malaysia

Never miss out on cool happenings in town with the help of these folks

In the old days, finding out about cool gigs in town or new restaurants was about picking up the newspaper or hearing about them from friends. The Internet has changed all that.

But just where do you start when figuring out what to do Friday night? Here's a list of the five best websites you should probably trawl first before leaving the comfort of your bed.

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Eat Drink Kuala Lumpur

"Where to eat ah?" is the eternal question for food-loving Malaysians. Well, one great way to answer that is by visiting Eat Drink Kuala Lumpur, a spinoff site from one of KL's most popular food blogs.

Sean Yoong's Eat Drink KL is one of the better restaurant blogs and his new website Eat Drink Kuala Lumpur features the blog's reviews as well as some additional content in the form of helpful directories and lists.

If you just want the reviews, then quickly peruse them on your phone via handy apps from the App Store and Google Play.


If electronic dance music (EDM) is your jam, then EDMDroid is an essential bookmark. It's the best place to go to find the latest news on popular EDM outfits and the latest gigs.

EDMDroid also provides helpful guides and directories for the local clubbing scene as well as tips and tricks for aspiring DJs. If you're an up and coming DJ yourself, you can submit your profile to the website.

Hype Malaysia

If your tastes extend beyond clubbing and dining, then Hype Malaysia is a nice smorgasbord of event announcements, reviews and listicles.

Get movie reviews, concert dates, suggestions for various activities and a mix of entertainment news as well as what's hot on the local Web on Hype.

Poskod Malaysia

Starting out as an indie website that focused on the occasional cool feature, Poskod Malaysia has now evolved into a site that features some of the better local long-form writing available.

It's also a great resource if you want to find out about indie gigs, local artists and shows, with a good emphasis on local, home-grown talent. Visit Poskod if you need a dash of culture in your life.

Time Out

It would be hard to leave Time Out of the mix though Time Out KL has become a lot more upmarket and middle-class/hipster-friendly. Still, it's a good source of reviews and even shopping suggestions.

Besides Kuala Lumpur, Time Out also has good listings for Penang - a great help if you plan to eat your heart out in the north. To make it easier to get to the content you really want, there's also the Android and iOS apps to help you out.