Use these 4 tricks to create the perfect scare fest with your gadgets

This Halloween, use the tech toys at your disposal to get a few screams out of your friends

Halloween. The time of the month when ghouls, goblins and pranksters such as us come out in full force, ready to scare the pants off unwitting victims.

But instead of creating an elaborate setup, complete with plastic skeletons, skulls, and ghastly creatures hanging from the ceiling, there are easier and more accessible tools available to instill fear in your friends.

You’ll be surprised at some of the simple tricks available, some of which don’t even cost a single cent, to make your Halloween scare fest a success.

As the date draws near and you’re running out of time to get ready for Halloween, here are our insanely simple and easy to replicate tricks to create the most intense scare fest ever.

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Hijack the TV with AirPlay

You invite your friends for a movie session and you decide to stream something light-hearted, maybe a comedy. They’re watching it through the Apple TV connected to your new 4K TV. Now, queue one of the scariest movie scenes you’ve ever seen via YouTube (you can choose from our recommended list) on your iPad or iPhone. We’d go with The Ring. Next, connect to the Apple TV and mirror it right when Sadako crawls out of the TV.

Cue screams of pure terror.

The howls of horror, from your Bluetooth speaker

Those tiny, portable Bluetooth speakers that you’ve been receiving as door gifts will finally come in handy. For one, its wireless design allows it to be discreetly hidden in nooks and crannies. Wires won’t give its position away, so you can freak the hell out of unwitting victims of your scare tactics.

Link your phone to the speakers via Bluetooth and download a soundboard app. When the said victim walks past, hit that ghoulish sound and see them jump in fright. And watch them look around in utter panic, bewilderment and perhaps rage that they’ve been punked with a mere simple trick.

Is that a ghost in the photo?

Why yes, it is. Kind of an easy trick to do with your smartphone, and especially scary if you’re doing a selfie. For added effect, take the photo with a long corridor as the background. Now, using the GhostCam app, quickly add a ghostly shadow in the photo before you show it to your friend. Watch as their faces switch from glee to absolute horror when they spot a shadow just behind them.

Rule of scaring people - when they ask if you see the ghostly image, stay silent, give them a look that’ll send chills down their spine and whisper, “We've got to go. Now.”

Download the GhostCam app from Google Play Store

Wireless dongle switch and scare

This trick never gets old. Because it’s still one of the most ingenious and simplest trick to pull on an unsuspecting victim. Wait till they’re gone from their laptops/PCs and switch out their mouse and keyboard dongle with yours.

But instead of the usual switcharound and watching your friends vent in frustration at losing control of their mice, bring it up a notch. Plant a few choice scares, either photos, videos or a few screams, and unleash the horror upon them when they least expect it.

We’re quite sure you’ll see them jumping in their seats or even slamming their laptop display down double quick time. Just make sure they don’t realise you’re the culprit and unleash their wrath upon you.